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Håfa Adai Yan Tirow Ayuyus!

Have you thought about where you're headed after graduating high school? Our comprehensive directory will connect you to organizations ready to provide guidance as you map out your next steps after graduation. Whether you're exploring colleges, technical training, employment, military service, or other post-high school directions, this is your source for links and details on schools, programs, scholarships, and more!

01. KHS Graduation Requirements

Planning on staying on the island?

For school?

Start smart at the Northern Marianas College (NMC) and become a PROA!

Browse NMC’s website and programs

  • NMC Admissions Page

  • NMC PROA Portal

  • PROA Pathway Partnership

    • ​The PROA Pathways program is a cooperative arrangement between the Northern Marianas College (NMC) and Portland State University (PSU) under the U.S. Department of Education’s Asian American Native American Pacific Islanders Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) grant. This program supports Asian American and Pacific Islander students as they graduate from NMC and transfer to PSU by providing services that will help them identify career paths in STEM, receive mentorship and guidance, and gain research experience that aligns with their educational and career goals in preparation for their transition. 


Learn real-world skills that will help you in the industry you’re interested in by starting at Northern Marianas Technical Institute 

Browse NMTI’s website and programs

For work?

CNMI jobseekers and businesses may avail of CNMI Workforce Investment Agency (WIOA) services through the Department of Labor Workforce Investment Agency. An array of services are available to support the employment, education, training, and support services needs of both job seekers and employers.

"To integrate a seamless workforce development system that meets the needs of employers, job-seekers, workers, and youths in order to supply quality employees for the dynamic economy of the CNMI.”

“Empowering, integrating, implementing, and innovating the workforce needs of the CNMI.”



Public Sector Job Announcements/Vacancies

Private Sector Job Announcements/Vacancies


Have interests going off-island?

For school?

What is the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)?

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a tuition-savings program that makes attending out-of-state colleges and universities more affordable for students. Through WUE, you receive a reduced tuition rate, giving you more education options for your money. Virtually all undergraduate degrees are available!

Some examples of schools under the WUE that CNMI students have graduated from:


Applying to College

federal aid

To avail of the Pell Grant, TEACH Grant, FSEOG, and Federal Work Study, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed. 

State/local aid

Learn more about the following scholarships available:

CNMI Scholarship

SHEFA Scholarship

Micronesian Region Scholarship

Private aid

Learn more about how to apply for the following scholarships:

APIA Scholarship

AANAPISI Scholarship

Tan Siu Lin Foundation Scholarship


Need help finding what you might want to pursue?

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your counselor

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