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Medical Emergency

Response to Medical Emergencies

Safe Zone 1: remains the same (right outside the school fence).

Safe Zone 2: ChaCha Middle School Soccer Field

Safe Zone 3: ChaCha Middle School Softball Field 

  • Do note there are two softball fields in this location. We will use the field that our students play softball in during Field Day.

Safe Zone 4: Tank Beach 

  • We will evacuate from the top gate and walk on the north side of campus (inside road) so we can avoid interrupting the path of incoming emergency personnel (first responders).  

First person on scene (Reporter)

  1. Inform the Main Office immediately.

  2. Do not move an injured person unless it is a life-threatening situation.

  3. Remain with the injured person until the emergency personnel arrive.

  4. Fill out an “Incident Report” and submit a copy to the Vice Principal and student’s counselor for records.

Main Office:

  1. Call 911 immediately. Describe the medical emergency as detailed as possible.

  2. When communicating with DFEMS (Emergency Personnel), prepare to give your name, specific location of incident, and telephone number.

  3. Print out the Bio-Data for the student and have it ready for the emergency personnel.

  4. Inform Front Gate to clear traffic for emergency personnel to arrive.

  5. Have a person waiting at the front of the Main Office to escort the emergency personnel to the injured person.

  6. Inform teachers that the injured person will be excused from classes and to be on standby for further information from the student’s counselor  regarding attendance for the coming days.


  1. Will communicate the details of the situation to the parents/guardians of the injured person.  

  2. A copy of the incident report will be provided to the parents of the injured person.


  1. Call home and do a follow up on the student.

  2. Contact parents and see if the student will need extra days out. If so, notify affected teachers and Truant Officer for attendance purposes.

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