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Lockdown Protocol (Sporadic Bell)

Active Shooter, Shelter-In-Place, Fights

Safe Zone 1: remains the same (right outside the school fence).

Safe Zone 2: ChaCha Middle School Soccer Field

Safe Zone 3: ChaCha Middle School Softball Field 

  • Do note there are two softball fields in this location. We will use the field that our students play softball in during Field Day.

Safe Zone 4: Tank Beach 

  • We will evacuate from the top gate and walk on the north side of campus (inside road) so we can avoid interrupting the path of incoming emergency personnel (first responders).  

1. Incident Commander (IC) will inform the School Resource Officer (SRO) and the COE immediately. 

2. IC calls 911 and reports the emergency. 

3. KHS SERT will be activated. 

4. Foxtrot Team will close and lock all entrances, only allowing emergency personnel in. 

5. Public Informant will send out AP Notification to families in a timely manner. 

6. Teachers in classrooms: Immediately after hearing the signal, check outside for stragglers and bring them in immediately. 

7. Lock all doors and if possible, shutters as well. 

8. If it’s an Active-Shooter Situation, position students away from the doors and visible areas. 

A: Teachers who are outside of campus: Proceed straight to the Kagman Fire Station and report the issue. Remain there until the Response Team arrives. Be looking at your phone for updates from the Response Team. 

B: If this event takes place during non-instructional time (breaks/lunch/before and after school), students who are far from a classroom are advised to run out of campus and find a secure area until you hear a PA system going around stating that the situation is under control. Once you hear this announcement, you may proceed back to campus or the Kagman Fire Station. 

C: Students in the restroom: Lock it and remain inside. Stay quiet and stay calm. Hide inside the stalls and lock it as well until the Response Team arrives. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR FOR ANYONE. 

9. DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOORS FOR ANYONE. KHS SERT will be the one to open your door from the outside.

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