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Evacuation Protocol (Long Bell)

Fire, Bomb Threat, Tsunami

Safe Zone 1: remains the same (right outside the school fence).

Safe Zone 2: ChaCha Middle School Soccer Field

Safe Zone 3: ChaCha Middle School Softball Field 

  • Do note there are two softball fields in this location. We will use the field that our students play softball in during Field Day.

Safe Zone 4: Tank Beach 

  • We will evacuate from the top gate and walk on the north side of campus (inside road) so we can avoid interrupting the path of incoming emergency personnel (first responders).  

*Incident Commander (IC) will inform the School Resource Officer (SRO) and the COE immediately. 

1. If it’s a bomb threat, IC will use the LANDLINE to call 911 and report the emergency. Avoid the use of Cell phones. It might activate the bomb. Otherwise, call First Responders by any means possible. 

2. KHS School Emergency Response Team (SERT) will be activated. 

3. AP Notifications will be sent to families in a timely manner. 

4. Foxtrot Team will assemble cones at Safe Zone 1 to block traffic. 

5. DO NOT LOCK your doors. Leave all your personal belongings, including bags. 

6. Staff will carry the Emergency Binder to Safe Zone 1. 

7. KHS SERT will clear the school of stragglers. 

8. Fast-pace walk, in orderly fashion, towards Safe Zone 1, unless conditions require a change in Safe Zone. 

9. Teachers: Once you're done taking attendance and your students are all accounted for, remain on the grass with your students. If you realize that not all the students are accounted for, the teacher must step onto the pavement, face binder (red side) up to indicate that you are missing a student. 

10. Wait for “all clear” signal→Regular bell OR announcement over megaphone. 

11. If we are not allowed back on campus for the rest of the day, staff and admin will prepare students for bus transportation and parent pick up at Safe Zone 2.

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