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Earthquake Protocol

Response to Earthquake

Safe Zone 1: remains the same (right outside the school fence).

Safe Zone 2: ChaCha Middle School Soccer Field

Safe Zone 3: ChaCha Middle School Softball Field 

  • Do note there are two softball fields in this location. We will use the field that our students play softball in during Field Day.

Safe Zone 4: Tank Beach 

  • We will evacuate from the top gate and walk on the north side of campus (inside road) so we can avoid interrupting the path of incoming emergency personnel (first responders).  

1. Students and staff will respond quickly and hide under tables closest to them. 

2. If you are outside the classroom, make your way to the closest open area. Stay away from buildings, poles, and trees. 

3. If evacuation is necessary, the bullhorn will be used to initiate evacuation. 

4. Take your Emergency Binder with you and make sure all your students are accounted for at Safe Zone 1. 

5. Teachers: Once you're done taking attendance and your students are all accounted for, remain on the grass with your students. If you realize that not all the students are accounted for, the teacher must step onto the pavement, face binder (red side) up to indicate that you are missing a student. 

6. Once everyone exits the campus, NO ONE is allowed back on campus until it is declared safe. 

7. Wait for All-Clear signal: regular bell and announcement over megaphones. 

8. Staff will be instructed whether students will be dismissed or not.

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